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Fungus and Medicine

It was a pleasure to be featured on Sci NC, which is part of the local PBS affiliate, UNC-TV. In particular, they do a very good job getting the science part of our studies correct and include interviews with some of my colleagues and students. 

Fabulous Fungi and Pharmacognosy

It was great fun to have an in depth conversation with my friend and colleague, Dr. Cassandra Quave from Emory University, on her show Foodie Pharmacology. We get pretty deep into the weeds about how natural products drug discovery research from fungi is conducted in my lab. 

650: Dr. Nicholas Oberlies: Finding Compounds in Fungi to Develop New Drugs to Fight Cancer

The concept behind this podcast is to begin to understand the people and humanity behind scientific discovery. I appreciate how the host, Dr. Marie McNeely, develops questions that minimize the geek and maximize the connections to normal life. Scientists are human and are not what you see on television/movies. 

People Behind The Science Podcast Logo.png

ACS on Campus

This was part of a series that the American Chemical Society was doing about 15 years ago, to talk to college students about careers in chemistry. While my older self cringes at some of my cavalier comments, the general gist of how to find jobs and develop a network are still true today, a concept that I have taught to seniors at UNCG for over a decade now. 

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